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What I Can Help


Trauma & PTSD

Trauma symptoms are a normal response to a traumatic event/s. There are individuals who experience trauma and within several months, symptoms fade away on their own. For some, anxiety and fear, maintain such a strong grip, their lives become controlled by past events. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can make everyday living emotionally painful and limiting. Regardless of the type of trauma you have experienced, I can help heal the parts of you that are ruled by fear, using a combination of processing, behavioral techniques, exposure techniques and education.


Depression & Anxiety

Feelings of apprehension, dread and sadness may take some to a place where they don’t recognize themselves anymore. For others, they may feel as if they are on autopilot, not feeling anything and just barely existing. Depression and anxiety can impact us in a range of ways and rob us of life’s joys and the will to move forward. Let me help you reduce suffering and regain hope, through counseling, skills training and education.


Life Transitions & Life Balance

Adulting can be hard, especially in today’s 24/7 social media-connected society. Questions of how life became this complicated, and comparisons to others, may contribute to feeling overwhelmed, unsatisfied and uncertain. You may be asking yourself, is there more and if so, how do I move past this. Allow me to help you identify what gives your life meaning and purpose and how to let go of the stuff that does not keep you on that path.


Self-Compassion & Self-Esteem

The relationship we have with ourselves is, and always will, impact other areas in our lives. Acceptance of our true self impacts our relationships with others, our career pursuits, and our leisure activities. Quality of life can be stifled by the cycle of self-criticism, perfectionism, and shame. Through the use of counseling, compassion focused techniques, and behavioral techniques, I can assist you in increasing self-awareness, self-understanding and cultivate a compassionate self.

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